Children nowadays don’t play outside as much as their parents or grandparents used to do. Playing outside is very important for a child's development. By playing outside instead, children develop social skills, motor skills and it stimulates their creative brain. C.Y.G. is a set of interactive targets which make sounds and change in color when touched. Hereby we aim to create an environment in which children can create their own games and stimulate their creativity. 

This design was created for the course project 2 of Industrial Design. A design brief commissioned by the Krajicek foundation was the motivation to dive into this subject. With this project I gained experience in designing  for multiple stakeholders like the the local residents, the municipality, the Krajicek foundation and the children. I also learned about intrinsic motivation. By emerging with the user I also could observe what motivates the user and get insight in what would help to accomplish behaviour change.

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