In 2018, two friends and I developed FUUT because there were no regular events in Eindhoven that we enjoyed. We took this as a design challenge and developed FUUT. 

FUUT is product from our enterprise FUUT Events. it is a nightlife concept in which  Creativity, positivity and uplifting vibes are the main values of this concept. "FUUT's goal is to create an open and accepting environment. Every edition, FUUT looks for something new to integrate different kinds of arts. In this way the party continues to surprise.​ Funk, disco, house, tropicalia, RnB, italo, discotechno; a colourful party with a positive vibe and very danceable music". More information can be found at

By organising FUUT I gained experience in concept development, branding, marketing and event production with the experience of the visitor as main focus. Next to that, I gained more experience in professional skills like planning and communication with multiple parties to realise the events.  

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